Friday, October 8, 2010

Daisy's Pups

Well hello again... So i took a little break from the blogging world because i felt myself forcing myself to blog & it kind of took the fun out of it. lol So here i am again refreshed from a little time away.. i took some photos one of my dear friends pups! I must say it was A LOT of fun!
They were definitely VERY well behaved considering we were at a dog park with SEVERAL other dogs/distractions around!

Thanks Daisy for the oppurtunity! And i must say that i am slowly getting to a point where life is more about doing what i want & feel is right, then caring what other people thing (sounds easy right?, so totally not! lol) I have been tired of doing what other people want to do and this week we had customer service week up at work which kind of sounds weird because we aren't recognizing the customers but ourselves for doing the customer service.... i dont know about you but i find it a bit strange... anyways So i have been having a BLAST up at work & not that any other time i can't be... but this week was extra special because each day there was some sort of theme and well today which is friday was probably my most favorite, Crazy hair day! I mean normally you have to be all prim & proper when you are work but this week wasn't so & it makes it SO much more enjoyable, i say all day with my hair sticking straight up with 6 or 7 strategically placed ponytails, hair plastered with gel & hair spray. I looked fantastic! lol Sorry i deleted the only pic i had and well decided that it was time to wash it out when i got home! I was told several different times today that it was cute, i personally dont think that on ANY given day should that hairstyle be even remotely cute. lol I was also told that i looked like i had a bonsai tree on my head, that i looked like i was from a Dr Suess book, that i was looked like pebbles, someone also thought i looked like Coolio (i think i may be a little too light skinned for the last one, haha) & i think there were a few more but unfortunately can't remember them all!
Anyways what is one thing that you wish you could do or have done @ least once a month or heck once a week?
Happy Friday/Weekend Everyone!!!
Going to the RenFest tomorrow! WOOT WOOT!