Monday, June 28, 2010

*~*Concentration is key*~*

Now i have been trying to experiment a little more & concentrate harder as well... So here are a few of my practice shots when it comes to taking time away from work!
I love taking a walk with my camera and then get back to the office and some of the people have gone to lunch & almost stop but dont to ask me if i need a ride, lol. I get back inside and they were like were you outside taking pictures? lol. I almost stopped to ask if you needed a ride... like no one takes a walk anymore... i thought it was rather sad.. & granted i do know that it has been rather HUMID out lately but hey i want to learn, i want to become better & if they only time i can do it or feel like pushing myself to do it is when i am at work i will go for it! lol

I must say that the WORST schedule known to man HAS to be the 10-7 shift... who in their right mind is actually ok with this? I like being able to rest for several hours at home before i go to bed... i like being able to watch 3-4 shows before i go to bed. Or going for a walk when i get home before it gets dark... At first you think oh i get to sleep in but then dont think about what you would ACTUALLY do considering you spent the last TWO years waking up @ 6:15 to be to work by 8 and then get off @ 4:45... RIDICULOUS! Is all i can say...

Below is my favorite picture TO DATE! I love the off centerness, the bug huddled in the flower, the blurriness of the background with the crispness of the yellow pettles. Ah genius! lol. jk... but i do LOVE it!
One of my accidentals but absolute favorites. So i am trying to decide what to do... i am at a place in my life where its not moving & i am not quite sure how i feel about it. I am a bit disappointed in myself & not really sure why. Maybe it has to do with the way i look or the way i feel people see me. I need to get back to my positive polliness because negative nelly is really putting a damper on the situation... lol. Well anyways I hope you all have enjoyed my post for this evening as it happens to be my 102nd post... who knew it was so easy to write to the world! lol
Happy Thoughtful Tues-Monday!!
So i wanted to make it tuesday is that so wrong? lol

Friday, June 25, 2010

A variety of emotions...

So this week has been rather ridiculously LONG! And so i am VERY excited that it is friday! Ready to start the weekend with volunteering for Habitat for Humanity tomorrow @ 8 am! Woot Woot!! lol

Below is Zaboomafoo! Ok not really but everytime i see one i can't help but think of him lol. If you dont know what i am talking about then look it up!

I found this plant rather AWESOME! Its more of a pastel color & looks really soft! I didnt touch it because i was afraid it was one of those plants that lie... and it would have poked my finger & i would have ended up bleeding all over the place.

Now the clouds this week have been WICKED here in houston! In places it was dark & light & w/e... but this area looks like a heart!! Thought it was rather neat!

Went to Sonic for lunch the other day & of course who doesn't take pictures of their food?! lol YUMMY YUMMY Ice Cream!!! lol

And i LOVED the bags & the little ice cream guy! Pretty much adorable!

Anyways i know that my posts haven't been all that exciting late as i haven't enjoyed posting them as much... Just been in one of hose moods the past few weeks lol. So hope all is well with you all & i still love your comments! lol
Happy Frantic Friday!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Entertaining Artistic Information

Here are a few more photos taken @ the zoo! This is one of my favorites! I love the way that the sun is peaking through all the branches & speckling all over the wall!

I must say that i felt like i was back in Hawaii with the amount of flowers that were placed all throughout the zoo! AMAZING!

I love trees like this that have a lot of texture to it!

I love the Royal & Navy blue colors that are used in this flower! Absolutely goregous! I need to find an artistic way to photograph flowers... so if you have any ideas... PLEASE let me know! Today was a rather boring day at work... but before work went to the Chiro which always feels FAN-freaking-TASTIC! But wears me out so i am exhausted when i go to work but oh well... lol

This evening i also took the PLUNGE & ordered Zumba Fitness (which is a fusion of latin dance moves & international music that creates a dynamic, exciting, & effective fitness system) workout package... Trying to get myself back into working out & i have heard SO many great things about this & thought WHY NOT?! lol

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lions, Tigers, Bears, OH MY!

So saturday was a the day for a trip to the zoo! We tend to go earlier.... mainly because its cooler but it also helps because the animals tend to be out at that time as well! One of the bears... doesn't he look so sweet! I LOVE this photo as it shows the various colors (i honestly can't remember what it is but to me i would say chameleon, lol)
Ah lions... How fierce yet beauty you posess... i love it when the get right next to the glass it gets for great photography & just awesomeness in general!
Ah the most comical EVERY single time we come to the zoo... it never fails they provide the entertainment... So worn out from whatever they were doing (or maybe its just the heat). Adorable creatures they are... some were digging & hidden in holes, others were sprawled/stretched as far as they could possibly go & others were so warn out from digging that they were just hunched over sleeping (resting) lol
And NOW to my absolute favorite photo from this trip... The turtles private island...
Let me tell you that there were several different opportunities when it came to the turtles here or the ones that just had their heads above water but i must say i was rather surprised to see tree like plants growing out this log & a mommy(or daddy) and baby turtle just chillaxin on their own private island... lol. Anyways... i am off to bed now!
Happy Fathers Sun-day!!!!!!!!
Hope you all gave thanks to your Dad's out there!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I know that all of us at some point or another wish we could just get away... Now i probably wish this more than anyone because i am a traveler... love everything about it and experiencing new things... i think its just the initial thrill of it all. So while at work i am thinking of where i can go during break or lunch time to take pictures so i can keep my mind active & interested (not that its that hard when it comes to photography) but i must say it does keep my mind of the BORINGNESS that is my job... lol
Anyways these photos are all taken in the back corner of my parking lot at work.... just chilled out back there ate my lunch & photographed... Ah if only i could do this for a living! lol

My main getaway since ACTUALLY traveling would cost a fortune is photography. I transcend to another place where it is more peaceful, beautiful, & a lot less complicated.
Who wouldnt want that right?
Let me know of a place that you like to get away to... whether its ACTUALLY traveling because you are one of the few that actually has money left over... or if its just a state of mind to get you out of the day to day junk that is called LIFE!
Happy Thoughtful Thursday!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So apparently i decided that today was CLOUD day! lol. At least for post of the day it tends to be because ALL of the photos i chose have wonderful looking clouds in them! Which as i have stated before i am a fan of! lol Who doesn't love a BLUE BLUE sky with white FLUFFY clouds?
I had seen this "tree"... not quite sure what kind it is but found it rather odd/interesting... so OF COURSE i had to take a photo!
Above is probably one of my favorite as it was taken from my drivers side vehicle (i was parked, for all you safety sally's out there!) But my window was open & you can see the difference between looking through the windsheild & just looking straight up at the clouds! I thought it was cool... lol
Ah now wait a minuite! This is like one of those AH HA moments.... or i guess its more of a promotion/advertisement for Mazda! I dearly love my car/steering wheel... So why not take a photo of it! lol So here is my day in a nut shell... woke up, went to chiro(always wears me out), scurried on over to work(traffic was a mess, damn construction!) & headed home for some much needed relaxion (TV{Last Comic Standing & So You Think You Can Dance time})
What was your Wednesday like? I also gave my blog a makeover, let me know what you think!!
Happy HUMP day!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's take a walk...

Today i took a walk outside @ work during lunch because i took my camera and i just needed some ME time... So right out back behind the building there is a retention pond with random stuff around the edges... below a grill! lol. Who doesn't love to grill?

And i have a fascination with shadows & feet lol... not a strange obsession like fascination but i tend to photograph my feet to see what comes of it and its probably because its different than just nature & what not lol

I was walking back to the building & noticed this tree and saw what is pictured below... i have NO idea what kind of tree it is or what kind of growth it is either but i thought it looked VERY interesting... almost brain like!

Hope that you all had a rather fantastic day & i am headed out to eat dinner & watch The Bachelorette! lol Yes i am a total girl.

Happy Mania Monday!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Confidence + Talent = Dreams

As far as i am concerned this word below "can't" shouldnt even be a word because of its meaning. I was watching a rather interesting movie today Lower Learning which was about an elementary school was going to be shut down & the principal was bailing but the VP decided he wanted to save it... anyways the point was basically that nothing is impossible if you have the desire & determination to try. As hilarious & sometimes disturbing as it was... it really spoke to me because i was having trouble with getting myself back in the swing of things with photography. I decided that i have to push myself whether its going around my house & shooting things or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. I need to get myself out there and learn about it and my surroundings! Really take the cahones (may not be spelling this right) and hold on tight because in order to acheive my dreams i have to STEP out of my comfort zone & get a little crazy from time to time... lol
So sorry for my little ramble up above... but its not only for me... i am sure that there are several of you out there that are just starting out in photography, writing, art, or whatever creative field you have decided to venture out it. It isn't always going to be easy just like life but you take life by the horns & you hold on tight because you LOVE to do these things & couldnt imagine your life or you without them.... Photography has become more of a way for me to express myself then i have EVER been used to. I was always known as the quiet one in my family as i took a backseat because there were 3 other ladies (mom & 2 sisters) which no offense but couldnt keep their mouths shut long enough for me to actually say something, lol.
I have always been a fan of the b/w, antique/old looking photos... there is something about them that speaks to me as you know it was really apart of someones life it has some years on it... you know? I will let you fly alway on this note... Never stop believing in yourself & your talent because YOU have IT... whatever IT may be... Continue to work at doing what you love!
Happy Sunday Funday!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bookshop Madness...

So this evening went to Blue Willow Bookshop with a few buddies from the blogger world! Jen, Kristin, & I embarked on a journey with Tera Lynn Childs author of Forgive my Fins; Story about a mermaid princess who wants to see what human life is like, as her mother was/is human. Once on land she ends up having a crush on a human but the catch is that mermaids don't do casual dating, once they "bond" with someone its for life but she finds herself constantly annoyed by her obnoxious biker boy neighbor Quince getting in the way of her romance with Brody.

And here are some flowers her parents sent her and a made-up thrown to kind of go along with the book!

Here she is talking about the plot of the book... being sure as not to give too much info away!

She was giving us a hint on how she comes up or solidifies her characters... thought it was a pretty neat idea! Who doesn't LOVE making collages??

Kristin getting her book signed! YAY!

Now Jen chatting it up & getting her book signed! They also had cupcakes which i didnt happen to get a photo of unfortunately!

Kristin & Tera

Jen & Tera
Always a rather fun experience! And we think we may have seen another published author but still unsure! Haven't read the book yet but once my sister gets done with hers I am definitely going to check it out & her upcoming books sound rather exciting as well! So if you are into mythology & what not be sure to check her out!
Happy Freaking.....FRIDAY!!

Thursday Movie Night!

Ok today's post is unfortunately rather plain... well you should just be happy that i am posting because i almost decided not to but thought i would give a review of the movie which my friend Carey & i so graciously went & watched this evening!
I must say that Katherine Heigl is probably one of my new FAVORITE actresses! She is so adorable, funny, & quirky! And Ashton is not too bad to look at either, lol! Its good to finally see him in something again... anyways i thought that it was definitely better than i expected it to be. I expected it to be cute funny but it actually had a bit of action, comedy, drama, & romance! lol. Loved it... so if you get a chance to go and see it definitely let me know what you think!
Just a note i am also going to have to make a trip back out to Town & Country Mall (center, w/e they call it) because i didn't realize how MUCH cooler it has been since they have been remolding! Some good photographing opportunities but headed to another Chiro appt & books signing with my sister tomorrow! Many photos to come!
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So lately i haven't really been feeling up to par as my back has affected my daily life... went to the Chiro for the first time today and must say it was pretty overwhelming... in a good way... They had SO much to offer i almost felt like i was in a dream. Tomorrow i head back to maybe go over a treatment plan after we discuss what was found on my X-rays... Should be fun! lol Upside i dont have to go to work tomorrow! Anyways to the photos...
Below i am ALWAYS intrigued by what may be under a bridge & to my surprise its pretty much the same thing EVERY time... a stream of flowing water (river, creek, bayou, whatever you may call it) And lots of GREEN! lol So of course you can assume since green is my favorite color i would be thoroughly esctatic EVERY time...
Now when i come to find these 2 very plain posts but yet they have something very similar & in the same color out POPS (goes the weasel, lol) my artistic side!
Below we have this wretched dog... now granted he looks all sweet in his ruggedness but you stare at this one wrong and he is bound to bite your head off, Literally! lol
Now here is another photo from under the bridge... i have changed up the color a bit and find myself looking at it as though i had painted it... Maybe its just me but i rather like it lol
Ah beloved spring time! Flowers are in bloom, the scent of rain is in the air, & HUMID Houston weather! Got to love it!
Here is a photo of the gate to my apt pushing the flowers...
Not real sure what i got out of this one but i LOVE the yellow... its so bright & vibrant definitely reminds me that springtime is here if the Houston raind did not which we have been seeming to receive a lot of lately! Not that i mind because most of the time i have been asleep when it comes! Can't stand to drive in the rain with a bunch of CRAZY people who only go like 20 mph on the freeway! Anyways enough ranting from me! I will be retiring for the evening! No work for me today, tomorrow, & Friday! If you can count yes that is a 5 day weekend! YAY!
Happy Whimsical Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An artistic adventure...

So this weekend i went to the AIA Sancastle Competition 2010 in Galveston & i must say that i was rather impressed with how HOT it was & still how many people managed to make it out!
Above is a photo looking out into Galveston Bay past the lifeguard stand & below KITES! Yes i felt like a little kid again when i saw these & really wanted to fly one! So next time i go to the beach i will definitely make sure to get one!
And now the sand Sculptures! I must admit i do wish we stayed a bit longer so i could have gotten the finished projects for a lot of them but you still get the amount of skill & creativity that went into each one!
Who doesn't love Dr Seuss?
This one i think is REALLY creative and probably one of my favorites from the day but its called "it came from the manhole". Definitely cool!
And this one definitely CRACKED me up! ((Shake weight)) Who doesn't enjoy this?
So throughout the day it just got hotter & hotter and these people were still working their little hearts out! Thanks to them for sharing their ideas & letting us enjoy their creation!
Happy Tuesday!!