Thursday, June 17, 2010


I know that all of us at some point or another wish we could just get away... Now i probably wish this more than anyone because i am a traveler... love everything about it and experiencing new things... i think its just the initial thrill of it all. So while at work i am thinking of where i can go during break or lunch time to take pictures so i can keep my mind active & interested (not that its that hard when it comes to photography) but i must say it does keep my mind of the BORINGNESS that is my job... lol
Anyways these photos are all taken in the back corner of my parking lot at work.... just chilled out back there ate my lunch & photographed... Ah if only i could do this for a living! lol

My main getaway since ACTUALLY traveling would cost a fortune is photography. I transcend to another place where it is more peaceful, beautiful, & a lot less complicated.
Who wouldnt want that right?
Let me know of a place that you like to get away to... whether its ACTUALLY traveling because you are one of the few that actually has money left over... or if its just a state of mind to get you out of the day to day junk that is called LIFE!
Happy Thoughtful Thursday!!


They Call Me Lady said...

Love the black and white fence photo, great perspective ! I'm with you, a trip to the local forest preserve and my camera is all the getaway I need ! Keep on keepin' on !

Paz said...

great that you have a place to get away to, some dont, luckily I get paid to travel

Bossy Betty said...

I love that you found these places so near you and found photography as your ticket away!

The Retired One said...

The black and white fence shot is phenomenal.....I LOVE It.