Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So apparently i decided that today was CLOUD day! lol. At least for post of the day it tends to be because ALL of the photos i chose have wonderful looking clouds in them! Which as i have stated before i am a fan of! lol Who doesn't love a BLUE BLUE sky with white FLUFFY clouds?
I had seen this "tree"... not quite sure what kind it is but found it rather odd/interesting... so OF COURSE i had to take a photo!
Above is probably one of my favorite as it was taken from my drivers side vehicle (i was parked, for all you safety sally's out there!) But my window was open & you can see the difference between looking through the windsheild & just looking straight up at the clouds! I thought it was cool... lol
Ah now wait a minuite! This is like one of those AH HA moments.... or i guess its more of a promotion/advertisement for Mazda! I dearly love my car/steering wheel... So why not take a photo of it! lol So here is my day in a nut shell... woke up, went to chiro(always wears me out), scurried on over to work(traffic was a mess, damn construction!) & headed home for some much needed relaxion (TV{Last Comic Standing & So You Think You Can Dance time})
What was your Wednesday like? I also gave my blog a makeover, let me know what you think!!
Happy HUMP day!!


Alexis said...

I love these pictures and your right, there is nothing like blue sky and white fulffy clouds!
I think you should send the last picture into Mazda! ;)

Blue Wave 707 said...

Cool shots!

The top of the tree looks like an agave cactus, but looks like the leaves at the base were trimmed off.

Crystal Cook said...

Cool new blog look :)

LOVE those cloud pics! Especially the mazda one, you really should send it in!

The Retired One said...

The blog looks fabulous...I also love the perspective of the clouds by the steering need to submit it to Mazda for some paid photography for their marketing. ha.
But you gave me an idea for shooting some antique cars this coming weekend at a show we are going to! thanks!

Kimberly said...

Thanks guys! i am glad that there are potential clients i might be able to go after! lol & i am glad that i can inspire ideas!