Friday, June 25, 2010

A variety of emotions...

So this week has been rather ridiculously LONG! And so i am VERY excited that it is friday! Ready to start the weekend with volunteering for Habitat for Humanity tomorrow @ 8 am! Woot Woot!! lol

Below is Zaboomafoo! Ok not really but everytime i see one i can't help but think of him lol. If you dont know what i am talking about then look it up!

I found this plant rather AWESOME! Its more of a pastel color & looks really soft! I didnt touch it because i was afraid it was one of those plants that lie... and it would have poked my finger & i would have ended up bleeding all over the place.

Now the clouds this week have been WICKED here in houston! In places it was dark & light & w/e... but this area looks like a heart!! Thought it was rather neat!

Went to Sonic for lunch the other day & of course who doesn't take pictures of their food?! lol YUMMY YUMMY Ice Cream!!! lol

And i LOVED the bags & the little ice cream guy! Pretty much adorable!

Anyways i know that my posts haven't been all that exciting late as i haven't enjoyed posting them as much... Just been in one of hose moods the past few weeks lol. So hope all is well with you all & i still love your comments! lol
Happy Frantic Friday!!!

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The Retired One said...

I loved the heart cloud one! So unique!