Friday, June 11, 2010

Bookshop Madness...

So this evening went to Blue Willow Bookshop with a few buddies from the blogger world! Jen, Kristin, & I embarked on a journey with Tera Lynn Childs author of Forgive my Fins; Story about a mermaid princess who wants to see what human life is like, as her mother was/is human. Once on land she ends up having a crush on a human but the catch is that mermaids don't do casual dating, once they "bond" with someone its for life but she finds herself constantly annoyed by her obnoxious biker boy neighbor Quince getting in the way of her romance with Brody.

And here are some flowers her parents sent her and a made-up thrown to kind of go along with the book!

Here she is talking about the plot of the book... being sure as not to give too much info away!

She was giving us a hint on how she comes up or solidifies her characters... thought it was a pretty neat idea! Who doesn't LOVE making collages??

Kristin getting her book signed! YAY!

Now Jen chatting it up & getting her book signed! They also had cupcakes which i didnt happen to get a photo of unfortunately!

Kristin & Tera

Jen & Tera
Always a rather fun experience! And we think we may have seen another published author but still unsure! Haven't read the book yet but once my sister gets done with hers I am definitely going to check it out & her upcoming books sound rather exciting as well! So if you are into mythology & what not be sure to check her out!
Happy Freaking.....FRIDAY!!


Pat Tillett said...

Great post Kimberly!
I really must get better at adding meaningful narrative to my photo posts. I really enjoyed this because you are good at doing that.
have a great weekend!

Blue Wave 707 said...

Neat story! THe book reminds of the Tom Hanks movie "Splash" ... sort of.

Critica said...

That looks like it was a fun event. I've never heard of the book before...

Kimberly said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate that Pat! I must say that i do have quite a bit of fun!

And Blue funny that you say that because she mentioned that while explaining kind of how she came up with the idea!

And Critica it was definitely a fun little event & it wasn't a real well known book that i know of but it sounds promising. :)

Kristin Rae said...

Fun Times!!!