Friday, October 8, 2010

Daisy's Pups

Well hello again... So i took a little break from the blogging world because i felt myself forcing myself to blog & it kind of took the fun out of it. lol So here i am again refreshed from a little time away.. i took some photos one of my dear friends pups! I must say it was A LOT of fun!
They were definitely VERY well behaved considering we were at a dog park with SEVERAL other dogs/distractions around!

Thanks Daisy for the oppurtunity! And i must say that i am slowly getting to a point where life is more about doing what i want & feel is right, then caring what other people thing (sounds easy right?, so totally not! lol) I have been tired of doing what other people want to do and this week we had customer service week up at work which kind of sounds weird because we aren't recognizing the customers but ourselves for doing the customer service.... i dont know about you but i find it a bit strange... anyways So i have been having a BLAST up at work & not that any other time i can't be... but this week was extra special because each day there was some sort of theme and well today which is friday was probably my most favorite, Crazy hair day! I mean normally you have to be all prim & proper when you are work but this week wasn't so & it makes it SO much more enjoyable, i say all day with my hair sticking straight up with 6 or 7 strategically placed ponytails, hair plastered with gel & hair spray. I looked fantastic! lol Sorry i deleted the only pic i had and well decided that it was time to wash it out when i got home! I was told several different times today that it was cute, i personally dont think that on ANY given day should that hairstyle be even remotely cute. lol I was also told that i looked like i had a bonsai tree on my head, that i looked like i was from a Dr Suess book, that i was looked like pebbles, someone also thought i looked like Coolio (i think i may be a little too light skinned for the last one, haha) & i think there were a few more but unfortunately can't remember them all!
Anyways what is one thing that you wish you could do or have done @ least once a month or heck once a week?
Happy Friday/Weekend Everyone!!!
Going to the RenFest tomorrow! WOOT WOOT!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jen & Trev ~ "Engagement" Photography

So my beloved sister & brother-in-law gave me the great pleasure of shooting their "engagement" photos even though they have been married for a few years now! Practice makes perfect they always say right?

Well we ventured out to Hermann Park & went downtonw Houston as well. Here are a few of this exciting nutty couple!

My personal favorite below...

If you want to see more be sure and stop by my other blog, here!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Overthinking can kill you...

So lately there has been a thing or 2 on my mind... work & what i would actually like to do for work (take photographs) if you couldnt already tell it is something i enjoy doing... lol
Anyways... so i have been a bit distracted enough not too post anything for awhile. (sorry about that) Here are a few photos from the weekend before last i enjoyed.
Back to my title i have come to realize within the past week that sometimes over thinking can be somewhat of a dangerous thing... Are you guilty of this? or are you more of an under thinker?
I am pretty sure that i am a over thinker and sometimes i just want to be able to be alone & literally alone with no one saying anything up there... just @ peace. Which i am sure is going to take A LOT of practice lol
So for now i am going to try and stay just a plain older thinker! I will let you know how that goes!
Happy Monstrous Monday!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cemetery hopping anyone??

So call me crazy! Yes, i like to visit cemeteries & take photos... Saturday went with my cousin to take photos of the Veteran National Cemetery in Houston where my grandpa & grandma are buried. I have taken photos here before but i feel that i have grown a lot since then....
So it was a very lovely day & got lots of great shots!

While we were there it was pretty neat because they were playing music from this big building almost church like. I was very peaceful music almost soothing, i am sure that everyone appreicated it.

It is also the same cemetery my cousin's friends Grandpa was buried in! What a coincidence!

I know death is a very touchy subject... & i have experienced quite a bit of death almost to the point it doesn't effect me as much as some people might think it should. I dont think i have become numb to the idea but just don't think of it as necesarily a bad thing.
Some of the headstones in the smaller more private cemetery were very sad as a lot of which were not even a year old. :(

Or they were REALLY old so far back as 1820 something.... craziness!
Here is another insight on my pschy. Hope you enjoyed & weren't too disturbed/upset by it!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday Shooting...

So went out shooting in full force on Saturday with my cousin & his friend! Decided that i did want to take a few photos of him to practice taking photos of Seniors! So here is unfortunately the only one i was happy with. We will definitely have to go out again, if he is up for it! lol
Then took some more of my creative shots which i feel i am getting pretty darn good at. As of today i am pretty darn exhausted but should sleep go & get up really rested for a days work!
Now while we were walking around Hermann Park there were MANY couples out but one in particular which was SUPER cute and felt that they were posing for us specifically got quite a few lovely shots but this one was by FAR my favorite! Aren't they just adorable???
Anyways... i must say it was a pretty succesful day on Saturday and i had a very lovely weekend!
After a LOOONGG day of running around the city taking photos & then relaxing by the pool went out for dinner with my mom & saw an old co-worker & chatted things up for quite some time! Life couldn't be better! Hope you all have a lovely week!
Happy Sunny Sunday!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

CHANGE... is a pretty fanastic thing....

I must say that i might be one of the few random people that love change... lol Well... for the most part anyways. So updated my layout & added a banner of my own... which i am pretty darn proud of! So let me know what you think!! :)
Have a great Friday/Weekend!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

DESTINY.... Not just a girls name...

So i wanted to play around a little bit.... Hence the title of this post. What do you think of when you see this word Destiny?
Now when i think of the word destiny another word that pops into my head is fate... Somehow or another these two words interlock and form out our world as we know it.
Now, why you ask have you suddenly come to post something about destiny & fate? Well my fellow bloggers I am 23 and still trying to figure out my life (which at this point really isn't all THAT complicated) but still when trying to figure out how to live your life and what will make you the happiest in the long run. Its a tough decision.
And i feel that destiny/fate are 2 words that people who were too afraid (no offense to anyone) to live in the moment. When these words come up they are pretty much always in the form of a question... such as... what is your destiny? is it fate? Too worried about what MIGHT happen in the future. Take it for what it is. LIFE Can't change what you were given but you can sure mold it into something you are pretty proud of! Such as i am continuely proud of the photos that i produce and where i have come from. Life has handed me a WHOLE lot of oppurtunties and I am taking the bull by the horns & going to enjoy this ride!
Hope you all had a Lovely Thursday!
Have a Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life is a journey...

So as you all have probably found out by now... Life is a journey in which it takes you through ALLL sorts of highs, lows, & in betweens... i must say the in betweens are my least favorite. lol I get bored rather easily & so the in betweens when nothing DRAMATIC is happening doesn't really sit well with me
So sometimes i might make something exciting happen or do something out of the norm... which i feel that a lot of people wait for life to happen itself and well thats a great and dandy but i am living proof you can't wait... i have seen so much untimely death & destruction that i just want to keep on trucking...

I am not a person that takes things lightly i have a hard time just doing something (living in the moment) Eat, Pray, Love has really opened my eyes to a lot of things... I keep waiting for if this & when this... that i totally forget about what i am doing now.

Especially lately when it has come to my photography. I am so totally FOCUSED on when i get to go to school i will learn so much that i am not focusing on what i have ALREADY learned and how much better i have become with the little bit of knowledge that PLENTY of gracious & giving people have given to me.
So today my post is mainly about being thankful for what i have, who i am, & accepting the fact that guess what i am not perfect (pretty darn close though, lol) Life is a journey that you HAVE to take part of.
Happy Monday Everyone!
I am off to take part in my journey!
What have you struggled with lately??

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An experience in Hermann Park!

So went to Hermann park to take photos with my blogger buddy Kristin Rae! She taught me a lot & i appreciate every bit of it and can't wait to do it again!
Here a few photos that were taken which i enjoyed thoroughly!
Hope you enjoy them as much as i have enjoyed taking them!
Many more to come... sorry that my post isn't all that exciting and that i haven't posted as often... got a lot on my mind & finally finished Eat, Pray, Love & can't wait until friday when we get to see the movie!
Happy Tuesday!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


So for today's post i decided that i would go back & revisit Hawaii... Now how i would love to go back once again physically it just isn't in the cards. So good thing i took a TON of photos right? lolSo here are a couple photos you haven't seen yet! Or maybe you have... who knows? lol

Here was one of a few abandoned buildings... i was tempted to go inside but no one was with me so i didn't have the person with me telling me it was ok to do so otherwise i probably would have gotten even better but i think this one turned out rather well! I was taking this photo from across the street @ an abandoned convent. Pictured below...
I love Hawaii & if you do ever get a chance you will have to let me know what you think! I love to travel & if you know of any spots as well totally let me know & one day i might venture on over there & take a few photos! lol. Tomorrow i am headed out to Hermann Park with a fellow blogger Kristin over @ Kristin Creative... Pretty excited should be a good time!
So hope you all have a Happy Friday & great weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I find the simpliest things in life give me pleasure.... I love taking photographs of living things whether they are people, insects, or plants.... There is SO much beauty in this photo below not only with the flower but if you look closely in the upper left hand corner on the flower... there is one of the probably coolest looking spiders i have ever seen! He has a green torso & yellow legs with yellow & red spots... pretty freaking neat if you ask me!
Then here we have a simple railroad crossing sign... its been damaged from only God knows what but it is still standing... Just reminds me that you can go through life damaged but you are going to still be standing in the end. Nothing you are ever given is TOO much for you that at the end of the day you wont be standing.

Now you ask where all this seriousness comes from & well i must say it comes from Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love. Its a terrific tale of her journies in life where she was figuring out who she really is & MAN OH MAN!!! I must say that i was thinking about reading it before i ever knew it was being made into a movie & now i am trying to hurry up & read it so that i can go & see it (which will be the first EVER book that i have read before the movie has come out, or that i have seen it)
Now her story, however opposite it might be definitely gives you things too look at in your own life & helps you realize things about yourself that really i never would have looked at before. And right now i am in the "Pray, India" Chapter (hence the reason Pray is in focus) and it is by far my favorite because it has just helped me to relax again & take a step back & enjoy the here & now moments & stop focusing on what i want my future to look like. So sorry for all the seriousness but really felt the need to post this! & i must say that if you haven't checked out Eat, Pray, Love yet, you totally need to & not just because its being made into a movie but because it will change your life! And well if you dont like change then i dont recommend the book... lol.
What do you all find pleasure in??
Hope you all had a terrific

Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of Heaven....

So before the Maggie Stiefvater book signing we happened to grab a bite to eat at this lovely little local burger joint called the Burger Shack... & my oh my it was rather delicious!! If you couldnt already tell by the photo.
They had some pretty sweet decorations... Have i ever told you that i LOVE license plates? Well now you know!! lol. And i must say that i have never seen a Vermont one before & was rather thrilled about it.
And so i was walking around the restaurant taking photos & then i saw a whole in the door & thought hmmm... i want to see whats in it & this is when i shot this photo! i think its prett genius! You have a flaw... well spice it up with a stop sign!
Most people probably wouldnt have noticed it until they went to the restroom & actually OPENED the door... lol. What can i say... i am not MOST people. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & a

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maggie Stiefvater....

Today i took the day off because my hours are from 10-6:45 normally and a book signing popped up today but i started out the day in SUPER CRAZY cleaning mode.... Cleaned my bathroom, bedroom, hung some pictures, loads of laundry, took out the trash, & emptied the dishwasher! Then i also watched Taking Lives (angelina jolie) pretty wicked movie but my post today is about.....
Again another book signing oppurtunity! Thanks Jen! So Maggie Stiefvater author of Shiver & Linger & to be published Forever (color yet to be determined, can't wait!!). Anyways so she was in town & happened to stop by Blue Willow Bookshop!! It was a great turnout and she was so personable & quite animated!!

As i stated she was VERY animated which i am a fan of because i tend to get animated from time to time.... It was easy to capture some great shots!

She read a little snippet from Cole's first chapter in Linger

Here, she was talking about the way the students looked when she went to a british school (forgive me if i was wrong about the type of school, lol) But i got it! Adorable!!

Then here we are while she was signing our books! LOVE it!!
& i love her! Amazing writer & person!! If you haven't checked the books out you totally should if you like love, mystery, & paranormal!
Happy Wednesday!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

AllStar's Specially Challenged Tournament...

I had a chance this weekend "thanks to my cousin" to take photos at a special needs martial arts tournament & i must say that it is one of a few rewarding things that i have done in my entire life. The contestants and their families have some of the most genuine pure hearts & fantastic enthusiasm i have EVER seen towards life.
Above is a volunteer w/ one of the contestants... love it! Below, i had a chance to capture this wonderful move! Although it is a little out of focus he was pretty awesome!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one because he is SO freaking adorable it almost KILLS you haha. He is praying to the gods to let him win or at least give him a great score!
Could you tell that she was ecstatic?!
And here is her actual expression!!! Love it!
This weekend was fantastic! Also had a chance to shoot photos for my co-worker & her family!! Great growing experience!!
Happy Sunday!!