Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ok so as you all know i have been in vacation mode and well i must say i have been in that mode for the past 2 weeks and its FINALLY here... sorry about the last 2 days about not being around and well i will most likely be gone until the 3rd of May.. which is when i return to home... I will definitely update you at that point!Here are just a few photos i found online... i plan on taking a few of these myself as well as quite a few more of the family/baby!
Anyways... time to get ready to prepare myself for an 8 hour flight in which i will land in Oahu @ 12:55 pm! Take care & dont miss me too much! lol
Happy Saturday!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

X marks the spot...

What a great way to start the morning....
I took this one in morning on my way to work thought it was rather neat!

Today was a MUCH better day... started off finding out it was Assistant's day & well This afternoon one of the co-workers on my team got our whole team this balloon & an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS! Let me say EVERY time i have one of these the fruit is SO FRESH!!
Here is our group with our delicious bouquet of fruit! YUM!!
Below is the actual fruit!! It tastes EVEN more delicious than it looks!
So that was only part of it and after work i went to look for a suitcase that was bigger than the one that i had & guess what I FOUND one! YAY lol... So now i only have to take one which is a TOTAL relief! And its cute to boot! Now i didnt take a picture... i know i probably should have to show it off to y'all but i got lazy... lol

Now here we have is a cool fixture (Freeway & feeder) that i have always enjoyed looking at and finally got to take a photo of it! woot woot! LOL. So 3 days down & only TWO to go!!! YAY!! Hawaii here i come! lol


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A sluggish kinda day...

So as you all know i am getting ready to move & go on vacation at the same time & let me tell you that is NOT an easy task... Now i totally leave on Saturday for vacation & I COULDNT be happier but... i must say that trying to pack for it has been a NIGHTMARE... i realized that the amount of clothes (yes i am a girl but it is a 9 day trip) I can NOT pack everything in the one suitcase that i have. Now this gives me an excuse to buy a new one because i have had these for quite some time... but wont have money until FRIDAY! So anyways... tomorrow night i am going to head to the store & see if i can't put it on hold until friday if i find one! SO please pray for me & wish me luck!
Anyways... now below... is a dress & sweater all bundled up on top of the boxes in which have been packed to move! lol... And why you ask is it that i have taken a photo of this... well i must say that i went shopping this weekend and found this AMAZING dress and well it is folded up (not rather neatly i might add... lol) on top of the boxes as it is my Saturday outfit! YAY! lol So ladies... as you can imagine i am just DYING to wear it but it must wait! lol
Ah... luggage my worst nightmare now that they have decided to CHARGE for EVERY bag you take... hence why i am trying to fit it all in one suitcase (and yes i know the limit is 50 lbs, thanks though! =]) But i thought it only fitting to take a photo of my GREEN luggage tag!

So 2 days down (and might i say that today was REALLY slug like) and i cant even imagine what the 3 days i have left are going to be like! Luckily i get off a bit early on friday! YAY for vacation!
Happy Sluggy Tuesday Everyone!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things of fascination...

Now most of you should know by now that i am VERY random & i bought this SUPER cute dress this weekend & this braided detail below went all the way around the chest area & crossed in back... i thought this was a neat take on it! i love the color as well!!

Below it had been raining & i love the way the water droplets can just stick to something! And thought this flower was perdy!

I took a photo of my foot... now its not the most attractive foot there is out there but i must admit i am a big fan of this photo!

So today embarked on a week long journey waiting it out until i go on vacation & i must say that it was a rather successful day! Felt more productive today then i did last week! lol.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stranded at the Drive-In...

So like i stated in previous post... We went to the drive-in last night...
First Movie
How to train your dragon
(ADORABLE! and must i say that if i were a child and watched that i may have had a few nightmares about dragons) and
Second Movie
Our Family Wedding (it was cute, i wouldnt say must see in theatres but it was definitely cute)
We went to the Showboat drive-in; below is the entrance
One of the screens... they have 2... this one was showing Clash of the Titans & the Bounty Hunter
These were SO adorable! I think they are all friends and were having a night out at the drive-in and then home for a sleepover! They had on the CUTEST dresses!
I dont know why but i find some of what they have listed rather hilarious! But hey they do have mention it so they dont get sued!
Lets just say it was a rather FUN evening and i LOVE the drive-in!! lol
Happy Saturday!


So if you haven't noticed by now i love to add ~ness to pretty much EVERY adjective that i use... lol. Its almost like a signature...
Below i have placed a photo of which i took while taking the puppies for a walk! I thought it was rather neat!
I love, love, love things that dont really fit... and well below is a silo & i have to admit it reminds me of country & i LOVE the country... I think there is SO much out there and we just need to get out there and photograph it all! lol

Now... went to the drive-in with my sister & a friend... and well i must say that she had an KICK A** sunroof! It basically covered the entire roof of the car... so OF course had to take a photo of the clouds through it! Anyways... i will be posting my Drive-IN photos next! Had a blast!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One step closer...

So this morning... well lets start out with last evening... i had to restore my phone because it has been a pain in the butt and for some reason wont recognize my touch... it is very frustrating. Anyways i had to reset my alarm & well... ended up setting it for 5:45 PM... not realizing it and now i have to be to work by 8... and i ended up waking up at 7:20... in a frantic mess i dressed, kenneled the pups & flew through the door..... but totally made it with 10 minutes to spare!

Now i am chilling in front of the tube eating pizza & watching the movie below & must say that it has been a rather enjoyable movie so far!

Must say that i would totally LOVE to visit Greece... GORGEOUS!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ok seriously guys... i am sorry... i have totally ALREADY been in vacation mode and i STILL have a week & a half! lol.... So anyways here are a few i had taken today...
Below is a plant that a few weeks ago didnt seem like it would make it AT all but here it is green as can be! Got to love nature!
I would like to say that i might have a slight obssession with clouds... there is something about them that totally puts a smile on my face & makes the world a better place (sorry... the song totally popped into my head, lol)
SUNROOF pic!! lol So i have a sunroof in my vehicle and i always like the view when i look up and saw the clouds were EXTRA close this afternoon. So of course i whipped out my camera and to a sweet pic!
So thank you for all sticking with me along this journey even though i have been slacking a bit!
Happy HUMP (wednesday) Day!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A landscaping monday!!

So i didnt really have a whole lot going on today... woke up this morning & went to work but other than that pretty uneventful... So i decided to post a few landscaping pics from around my work that i took not too last week sometime....
Below i believe are Indian Paintbrushes... GORGEOUS flowers!!
I am not quite sure what this things was but it was spookily (ok so i dont think this is a word but i like it lol) cool! And the colors were rather fantastic!
Ah now my favorite one of today.. This tree basically popped up out of no where... lol they were building around us and i guess the decided that it was a bit bare so the added a single tree at the end of a sidewalk... Kinda cool...
So these next 2 weeks are probably going to be the LONGEST of my entire life... lol. Hawaii & baby Chloe here i come!!!!!!!!!! lol... Ok well in 2 weeks anyways i will definitely be on an 8 hour flight!
Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Exciting Weekend....

I am now officially an AUNT!! To baby Chloe Elizabeth Torres who was born 4/10 @ 9:16(hawaii time) 8lbs 10oz, 18 1/2 inches... I may be biast but i think she is a rather adorable baby!
I still have to wait 2 weeks until i actually get to see her but i do have pictures! And i am honestly a VERY happy Aunt Kim... lol
And yesterday we had some REALLY weird clouds in Houston and it barely rained below i took this photo with my Iphone and thought it was rather neat & it was a i wish i had my nikon with me but this will have to do! lolSo sorry for not posting the past few days but my mind has definitely been other places!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jealousy anyone???

OK so i know that i probably shouldnt be jealous because i am going to Hawaii in 2 weeks but hey i have NEVER been to Cali before! And my sister Jen had gone to San Fran a few years ago & now LA! lol... So YAY for her but booo for me! lol
Anyways... So i decided instead of doing a normal post i would take the photos she took & share them with you!
These have all been taken @ Venice beach as far as i know lol
I really liked the one above!! I LOVE the ocean waves!!
The one above is probably my FAV out of all of them... i love the angle & the color contrast!
I definitely love artwork on the sides of buildings!
I must say that i am rather proud of my sister as i have rubbed off on her when it comes to taking pictures! lol... So thanks Jen! I am so pleased to know that i have rubbed off on you so i can feel like i am right there with you! lol
So anyways i hope that you enjoy these & aren't TOO jealous!
Happy Thursday!
Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now its OFFICIAL!!

So it is totally official now!

I received my business cards in the mail today!! & let me just say that i am thoroughly excited and I well have already passed out over 2/3rds of them! Can you tell i am excited?? lol


OK so sorry for today but i was SOO excited about them that really that is all i have to post today... and it is raining outside right now & i am exhausted... but good news i got my business cards & have 2 jobs lined up and possibly 4 more after that mainly from my business cards!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? lol... ok so again i am sorry for today not being much but i was rather excited! And would like to say THANK YOU to all of my followers because you have made the jump possibly and definitely WORTH it all! You are greatly appreciated!

Happy Wednesday my fellow bloggers!!

Hope you are all having just as great of a day as i AM!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dream BIG!

So below is my interpretation of how i feel at the moment... as you know i have been trying to get my business off the ground & going back to school... and as my business is currently taking off i have 2 other dates set but work is another story... why must when you dream it take a while for those dreams to come true? I feel rather small when it comes to this BIG ol' world....
Below are some flowers from my walk that i took during my break at work... i loved the colors.
And here we have the 9'0" beam while waiting in line @ What-A-Burger... i thought it was cool & dinner was rather delicious!

So overall it wasn't really a crappy day but it wasn't the greatest.... but now i am chillaxin on the couch watching Tori & Dean (love their family!).
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rather relaxing Monday....

Today was a rather exciting day... nothing too exciting happened in regards to work but my first client is spreading the word about my pictures around the office and may have a few more possible clients out of it!! Other than that a rather boring day...
I liked the way the clouds looked like cotton balls spread apart! And the colors of the sky...
Below is a shot from the current apartment pool... rather luxurious when there are no children but believe me around 2-? you will no longer want to lay by the pool! I can't wait until i can take pics of the NEW apartments lazy river pool! Pretty effin sweet!!
Anyways below i bought some DVD/cases for my first client & future clients to come... and found that it was rather easy to upload them to the DVD's themselves... Can't wait to do it again!!
Happy Monday Blog Friends!
Now to relax on the sofa in front of the tube watching Sherlock Holmes!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jobs, Family, & FUN!!

So as most of you know i had my first photo job yesterday! Overall i think it went rather smoothly! Below is one of the shots that Aryana just wasn't feeling it anymore! I still thought it was rather cute!

Here we have the BIRTHDAY girl!! Aryana who turns one on the 6th!

Here is their other daughter Tatyana. She is 5.

These kids saw me taking pictures and wanted to pose for a few! lol... too darm cute!
Below is some of them coming out of the tail end of the caterpillar!
So it was a BLAST! I can't wait to get my business cards so i can do EVEN more jobs like this... I must say that i was rather tempted to take a run through the caterpillar but i resisted my temptations. For more photos you can go to my professional blog here.
Happy Easter Everyone!!!