Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Ok so i promise to get a better picture of this bird later but for now its as good as its going to get!lol... but i LOVE my new apartment because there are SO many more animals around such as blue jays, cardinals, butterflies, etc! I am going to take a walk around sometime this week and try and capture some more... granted this one is a little out of focus but i was SO excited to see it! I am a nature feen and thrive when i see such beautiful creatures!
And you all know how much i DEARLY love clouds! Which we saw a LOT of this weekend... luckily it waited to rain once we were either asleep or inside for the night... Saturday night it was rather enjoyable to watch the storm roll in from the pool & watch everyone CLEAR out of the pool once they saw lightening & my cousin & i decided that we would become storm chasers, lol. We are crazy but sane. I LOVE storms because you see the world in a different light... It can be so beautiful in all its darkness.
My mom had set up for my Aunt & Uncles B-day party with punch balls & mini recorders! It was kind of a blast from the past party because both my Aunt & Uncle are in the midst of turning the big 5-0!
Here is Miss Gertrude looking out off the porch.... I always wonder with these kind of moments what she must be thinking. Is she thinking what good of a life she has? Or when can she get away? Honestly do they have the same thoughts that us humans have or are they real simple?
Below is the birthday cake we got for the party! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!! Granted my favorite color is green and we didnt even plan for it! & i must say that i also LOVE butter cream frosting! Deliciouso!!!
So... my Memorial Day was pretty uneventful... spent sometime by the pool, watched a few movies, & now posting this blog. I must say not REAL excited about going back to work after having 3 days off but it was a really nice break & i am ready to hit the books tomorrow!
Thanks to all of you fallen soilders & your loved ones, if it wasn't for you i most likely wouldn't be here sharing my photos!
Happy Memorial Monday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Venture on....

This was one of my favorite places... Right between Turtle Bay Resort (forgetting sarah marshall) & Waimea there is a little parking lot with a beach & this view... It was my last day it rather cloudy & it was also sprinkling a bit here but you can't really tell. Anyways i love how closer to the shore it is so VERY calm & further out the waves are rough it kind of reminds me of a place i am in right now. I am in the middle... i have just passed my comfort zone but i am not quite to the rough waters because i am afraid to put myself out ther but i do know that once i get out there i will be fine.... Something truly worth it is never easy...

I loved the way these clams, i believe, looked on the side of the rock.. and only once i got home did i realize the colors that were wrapped around them making it EVEN better!!

I have found that i like to shoot things with holes in them & i am nto really sure why... hmmm... Should i be afraid?

And this one mainly taken if you look REALLY closely just off to the the right a little from the middle (HA i can rhyme!) Anyways there is a man standing on a long board with his oar in hand... Crazy? I think so... lol

And last but most certainly not least! The airplane in which i started my trek home.... What a wonderful Hawaii '10 trip it had been... Hope you all enjoyed my photo journal of my time spent there with my wonderful sister, brother-in-law, mom, gorgeous niece, & the beautiful island of O'ahu.
Now on to start another journey called professional photography.
Stay tuned much more to see from this cat!
Happy Wed-nes-day!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Now someone tell me how i forgot to show you the VERY first photos i took from my Hawaii trip?!? lol. I got so wrapped in the beauty of nature that i forgot the beauty of very simple things called Airports or Airplanes... I LOVE them! lol. I know strange. if i could spend ALL day without looking rather suspicious taking photos of the atmosphere in an airport or airplane i totally would!

There is something about the lines... symmetry, the BIG glass windows to catch even the faintest light of morning... the inviting rows of chairs asking you to get close to your neighbor but as you see most people would rather stand then sit next to a stranger.

This is one thing i love... it was SOOOO cold outside the airplane while we were going SUPER fast that it created ice... ah nature at its best! Something so beautiful at the way it forms its little crystals... MAGIC!

FINALLY land for the first time in probably 4 hours! We are ALMOST there!!! One of the Islands not sure which shaded by a row of clouds!

And finally right before we circle around & land @ Honolulu Airport... What a gorgeous view!
So VERY sorry for leaving out one of the most important parts... Remember its not about destination but the journey that takes you there! I know this is probably someones quote but wasn't having any luck figuring out whose... So for now anonymous!
Happy Tu-es-day!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just another day?

So today was a pretty relaxed day even though i do go into work for a few hours of O/T spent time with the fam out by the pool, had a lovely dinner, & conversation as always. Rather nice... I am going to get myself out of the house a little more by taking a walk around my new neighborhood & taking photos & such as i will need something to take the place of my beautiful Hawaii photos! And i REALLY need to start playing with it more.
Below someone, i am guessing it is their name, etched it into the sand & i thought it interesting the way they had written it into the sand....
Its not parallel with the ocean but perpendicular (i think is the word i am most searching for). But the colors also i feel are magnificent!
Another photo taken as we were driving.... i am not quite sure what this is holding up or had held up at some point but i love the way it is placed in the photo....
Who doesn't love flowers? This was a bush that my sister had right outside the front door & i thought what a perfect oppurtunity to sharpen my skills in photographing flowers!

Here is another angle from the same bush...

I have also been going through a point in my photography which i am trying to learn but dont feel that i can on my own... i am going to attempt to find a group somewhere here where they are willing to teach me before i can get into college where i feel i will most willing learn what i want to know. I have also been going through a faze where i feel that i am NOWHERE near where i want to be & it is very frightening and i know i have only started & being patient has never been my strong suit lol I am trying.... holding in there & working at what i do know.
I was playing around with the colors & such of the photo above... not quite sure what i think of it... but an interesting perspective.... I am tired mentally more than physically at this point. Really wishing that i could be farther along & that i had ALL the money in the world even though i dont think at that point that would make me an happier BUT it would get me the stuff that i NEED in order become a successful photographer. So thanks for listening to my ranting, raving, & pathetic attempt at sharing my feelings.
Take care & Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running away...

Ok so i am not running away but thought it fitting because i am totally running out of photos that i feel like i can share with you from my Hawaii Trip but luckily we moved so much more scenery to shoot! North Shore Banzai Pipeline (this may not be the exact spot for the Banzai Pipeline but pretty darn close)Thought it was a pretty sweet pic anyways.
Here is a river photo from our little walk while going to Waimea Falls
Baby Chloe photos!!! Here she is looking @ mom after her bath!
Grandma's & Granddaughter!
Baby feet who doesn't love babies feet!
So ready for this week to be over but i am definitely making progress at work which is always nice!
Happy "HUMP" Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A tribute....

So this post is dedicated to a very special blogger buddy who i know will TOTALLY appreciate this & has helped me & encouraged me even though she may not know it! So Athina i know how much you LOVE flowers so i have dedicated this post to you from all the flower pictures & a few other nature related but mostly flowers just for you! Hope you enjoy!

I hope the rest of you enjoy as well because you are all VERY special to me & i appreciate everyone of you for encouraging me & giving me GREAT feedback! This last photo was my favorite... i must admit though that i dont really know a whole lot about flowers & couldnt tell ya the names of most of which i have taken but i can definitely enjoy the beauty that they bring to this world! So enjoy!
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A life worth living....

Now who doesn't wish at one time or another that life could simply get easier that someone just show you the way to your next destination or point out that hey guess what you AREN'T supposed to give up...
This photo made me think of just that like God was like hey... i am going to strategically place and make life a little more easier for someone...
Now i admit that is probably a little far fetched but hey a girl can dream right?
Wouldn't it be nice to dream of a place like this where you could look out each day & watch the waves peacefully (granted that one day when the waves are WAY beyond what you had imagined, almost scary) But if everyday were like this calm & peaceful would we enjoy life as much? I often ask myself this question as i think back on how my life has turned out... would i truly be as happy as i am right now if the so called "troubles" hadn't happened?
I think not... & side note: I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS!! Sorry it is thundering & lightening & i must say i will sleep GOOD tonight!
There are times when our lives are supposed to be calm so that we can catch our breath but i believe that sadness leads to joyfulness & Hey i am always up for a bit of joy & happiness to help heal my sorrows... Some call me an optomist which i guess in all reality i am but WHY wouldn't i want to be?!?!
Why would i want to always think negatively when it is taking me away from the one true thing i believe in... I am a positive person & i look for the best in ALL scenarios because i can't see wasting my life being frightend, angry, upset, etc when i can turn it around and be joyful, happy, exuberant! So maybe that was a bit much but really come on! lol
Whenever i get in a negative mood i catch myself & ask myself WHY OH WHY are you in this mood? why do you hate people today what is so different about today then yesterday & check myself tell myself that i am going to LOVE people today & usually it works on a RARE occasion i stay in the mood for the whole day but then get good rest & start a brand new day!
Who doesn't love being in a good mood?
Are you a Negative Nelly or a Positive Polly?
Happy Thunderstorm Monday!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In rememberence

I am not real chatty tonight... So here i leave you with a brief tour of the Pearl Harbor Memorial... They changed it quite a bit since i went last year and i can see that the changes are fantastic! It was also raining when i went but hey... rain has never stopped me! Also today i watched Pearl Harbor(ben affleck, josh hartnett, etc) Very emotional yet fantastic!

So hope you enjoyed my Tour... it wasn't that exciting but definitely a very emotional mood & i had TONS more photos to post but chose a few of my favorites.
Happy Sunday Everyone!