Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running away...

Ok so i am not running away but thought it fitting because i am totally running out of photos that i feel like i can share with you from my Hawaii Trip but luckily we moved so much more scenery to shoot! North Shore Banzai Pipeline (this may not be the exact spot for the Banzai Pipeline but pretty darn close)Thought it was a pretty sweet pic anyways.
Here is a river photo from our little walk while going to Waimea Falls
Baby Chloe photos!!! Here she is looking @ mom after her bath!
Grandma's & Granddaughter!
Baby feet who doesn't love babies feet!
So ready for this week to be over but i am definitely making progress at work which is always nice!
Happy "HUMP" Wednesday!!


Blue Wave 707 said...

Cool outdoor shots & cute baby shots! :-)

Beth said...

All those photos are great but I really love the baby feet!