Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Now someone tell me how i forgot to show you the VERY first photos i took from my Hawaii trip?!? lol. I got so wrapped in the beauty of nature that i forgot the beauty of very simple things called Airports or Airplanes... I LOVE them! lol. I know strange. if i could spend ALL day without looking rather suspicious taking photos of the atmosphere in an airport or airplane i totally would!

There is something about the lines... symmetry, the BIG glass windows to catch even the faintest light of morning... the inviting rows of chairs asking you to get close to your neighbor but as you see most people would rather stand then sit next to a stranger.

This is one thing i love... it was SOOOO cold outside the airplane while we were going SUPER fast that it created ice... ah nature at its best! Something so beautiful at the way it forms its little crystals... MAGIC!

FINALLY land for the first time in probably 4 hours! We are ALMOST there!!! One of the Islands not sure which shaded by a row of clouds!

And finally right before we circle around & land @ Honolulu Airport... What a gorgeous view!
So VERY sorry for leaving out one of the most important parts... Remember its not about destination but the journey that takes you there! I know this is probably someones quote but wasn't having any luck figuring out whose... So for now anonymous!
Happy Tu-es-day!!!


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Magical indeed.

Blue Wave 707 said...

NICE! ... :-)

Nat said...

Somehow you've made an airport look appealing....I tend to hate the places!

Love the pics from the plane too :-)

Jen said...

WOW these were gorgeous! I love the plane pics they rock!!! But the very first photo you took was fantastic!!

Next time I get my haircut (next month) you and I are going out to take photos!!

Crystal Cook said...

Really beautiful photos! And so creative! I love the second one, with the windows, and the ice on the glass. So cool!

Pat Tillett said...

There's going to be an original "Photography" based bit of bling for you at my site in the morning. Hope you like it!

Kimberly said...

Oh WOW thank you guys! I am so greatful for EACH & everyone of you! & Pat i will definitely keep a look out for it!

Athina Loveland Photography said...

That last picture is really cool! I always forget to take pictures from the plane because usually all i can see out the window is the wing. that, and i'm usually freaking out because i'm not really a fan of flying! nice shots though :D