Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Venture on....

This was one of my favorite places... Right between Turtle Bay Resort (forgetting sarah marshall) & Waimea there is a little parking lot with a beach & this view... It was my last day it rather cloudy & it was also sprinkling a bit here but you can't really tell. Anyways i love how closer to the shore it is so VERY calm & further out the waves are rough it kind of reminds me of a place i am in right now. I am in the middle... i have just passed my comfort zone but i am not quite to the rough waters because i am afraid to put myself out ther but i do know that once i get out there i will be fine.... Something truly worth it is never easy...

I loved the way these clams, i believe, looked on the side of the rock.. and only once i got home did i realize the colors that were wrapped around them making it EVEN better!!

I have found that i like to shoot things with holes in them & i am nto really sure why... hmmm... Should i be afraid?

And this one mainly taken if you look REALLY closely just off to the the right a little from the middle (HA i can rhyme!) Anyways there is a man standing on a long board with his oar in hand... Crazy? I think so... lol

And last but most certainly not least! The airplane in which i started my trek home.... What a wonderful Hawaii '10 trip it had been... Hope you all enjoyed my photo journal of my time spent there with my wonderful sister, brother-in-law, mom, gorgeous niece, & the beautiful island of O'ahu.
Now on to start another journey called professional photography.
Stay tuned much more to see from this cat!
Happy Wed-nes-day!!


Blue Wave 707 said...

Great beach shots! Looks like Shark's Cove.

The airport shot looks cool too! :-)

Jen said...

Sorry I'm late... but HAPPY Wednesday now THURSDAY!

photowannabe said...

These have been beautiful shots of your trip. Hawaii is such a special place and you did it justice.
Great anology of the calm and rough waters. Its a great big beautiful tomorrow and you can do it. (:0)

Kimberly said...

Thank you guys! Greatly appreciated!
& photo- i definitely need all the confidence i can get & it truly helps!!

Kristin Rae said...

OMG that first picture is SWEET!

The Retired One said...

Came over to your blog from Patrick's blog award list (I got one too from him,which was SO NICE of him!).
Just joined your blog as a new follower, hope you stop by my blog is at: