Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This content may not be suitable for children... warning viewer discretion is advised!!!
OK... so these are VERY poor quality photos but they were taken with my iPhone because i forgot my Nikon this morning :(... Anyways... my boss got everyone on our team little chocolate Easter bunnies! And they weren't so little but MAN they were delicious! lol. Anyways... Sorry i didn't get a photo of him before i decided to chow down on his ears but i couldn't help myself! lol

I also thought that he was kind of creepy looking... lol...

Ariel view!

Ok so this one is because i find it rather STRANGE that they would draw flowers on his behind but it was cute nonetheless... And i think that the chocolate was melting behind my thumb but i thought it was neat that when i pushed it through (yes i play with my food.. so sue me) it was still VERY much a circle...

Anyways so that was my excitement for the day hopefully you enjoyed! I know i sure did! lol

Disclosure: no bunnies were harmed in the making of these photos!

Last but not least... we had Chinese food tonight! Mmmhmmm... so this was my fortune which i thought was fitting! Have a great night fellow bloggians!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am totally calling myself a slacker because i haven't been up to updating because i have been SO enthralled with my thoughts and plans of making it BIG! lol. Anyways... today is no different unfortunately but i found this in my array of photos & hope you all enjoy this one!
But tonight i ordered myself some business cards & created a new blog for my business... you can view it here... it still isn't complete but i at least have a name! lol. So Let me know what you think and i promise that tomorrow i will totally make it up to you! Have a great night!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Slow day....

Today was one of those slow/fast days if you know what i mean! Although it seems to be speeding up since i have been off of work... ugh... Anyways...
So below are actually a few more photos from Saturday the church in which the wedding took place!

This was taken outside the fellowship hall which was where the Reception was held!
And I LOVE this bottom photo.... it was in the church above the front where the pastor stands & such... :)

I also added a copyright to it... thought it was pretty neat! Since i have been getting clients... I dont like the font itself but haven't been able to change it and nothing really lets me know that i can.... so if anyone has Adobe Lightroom & knows how to change the font... Let me know, Thanks!
So today i actually got ANOTHER person from work asking if i could take their family photos! I am SOO ecstatic! lol. This is what i have been looking for lately something i can REALLY feel good about... so THANKS to all of you who have been following me because i dont think i could have done it without you guys! Anyways... Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My first wedding...

Ok so its not the first one i have ever BEEN too but it is the first one i have attempted photography at... My friend was gracious enough to let me photograph her wedding (as long as i didnt get in the hired photographers way). She didnt say that but it is what i imagined she would say if she didnt know me... lol. So here are some of my favorite shots! Hopefully you like them as much as i do! lol
So, Below i have my invitation to their wedding & a photo of the party favors ( a little dress & tux with delicious meltaway mints!)

The ceremony itself was gorgeous! Below i have a photo of the groom's daughter and the daughter of the maid of honor! And then my beloved Tara & her father!
I think this one below is my personal favorite because i like how you can see the groom looking at her! AWE!!! I just love weddings! lol
Below standing Groom with his bestman, seated is the groom's father and girlfriend.
I love the purple butterflies & i think the cake topper is just whimsical!
I thought this was adorable! The little guy was the life of the party!!
Here they are leaving... getting ready to get into their vehicle... which i did not get a picture of =(

Ok so here it is.... PLEASE be honest with me... i would like to know what you really think because it will only help me! I may not like you for a few seconds but you will make me a better photographer! Thanks a bunch for the continued support!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to make packing fun!

Ok... So these pictures aren't as exciting as i thought they would turn out or i wanted them too... but here they are none the less.... So as i mentioned before... i am in the process of moving out of these crap apts becaue they haven't been so nice... Now i am not actually moving until the beginning of May but the last week in april i am going to be in Hawaii (visiting my sister, YAY!) and the week i get back that weekend i am moving... so hence starting early so i dont have a whole lot to do when i get back!

So i make packing fun by taking pictures while doing it... as well as BLASTING (well as loud as i feel comfortable in the apt) music as it makes me work A LOT faster...
So here are another photo of boxes... UGH! lol
I promise to have better pictures this tomorrow because i am going to a friends wedding tonight!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! lol.. i am trying to break my way into the world of professional photography... so i asked my friend (i knew she already had a photographer) if it was ok if i took a few photos because i am trying to do so just to start my portfolio and see how much i actually like it! And she was EXCITED to have MORE photos of the joyous day... I also booked my first family shoot (one of my friends from work) next weekend as well as her childs birthday party... So most likely i will be starting another blog but will still update this one with my LIFE photos and then the other one things such as this...and i am very anxious but really excited because i really ENJOY taking photos to help other people remember these important moments in their lives... So just to give you a heads up! Tell me what you think about this!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Boys Anyone?!?!


Sorry boys... This may not be as AMAZING for you as it is for the LADIES!!! Ok so i have seen this around on a few blogs and thought that i would join in on the fun... who doesnt enjoy making their own PERFECT boyfriend?!?

1~ Hair color & Style: I dont really have a specific style but i do like a strong jaw bone and usually what helps kick that off is a short hairdo but long enough style.... Mmmmhmmmm...

2~Eye color & facial features: Like i mentioned above i am a sucker for a strong jawline... but hey i am not THAT picky... As far as the eyes go... this is probably one of my FAVORITE features on a guy... i would say that my favorite eye color is one that is combined; usually green, brown, gray, blue... ooo yum! lol Or for a solid probably Green (if you haven't noticed, my favorite color!) but then again i am not too picky... whatever fits!

3~ Height & body type: Anyone that is taller than me... i am 5'8 1/2.... lol. and i noticed that going through this i tended to go for the skinny with a bit of definition... oh yea sexy boys! lol

4~ Visible Age: 20-30ish... How ever i dont discriminate... there are PLENTY of sexy older men...(note: used the word men, lol)

5~ Human or other~ Human DEFINITELY but who doesn't love a guy with special powers?!?

6~Paranormal Skills: I definitely love to travel so if we could just transport with just a thought... Heck yes Gorgeous beaches, Paris, Ireland HERE I COME!!!!

7~Interests: Definitely love to be photographed or at least love to look at them! lol Beach, traveling, anything to have fun!!

8~ Habitat: Earth, if we have to be more specific i would probably say Irealand... or at least have an irish accent because MAN that is SEXAAYY! lol.

9~ Special Skills: Looking handsome without any work & growing old while still looking SEXY! Which most of these men already DO! Mmmmmhmmmmm....

10~ Last but certainly not least.... who doesn't love a nerdy hunk & one VERY sexy man?!? And together in one pic... awwww... Criminal Minds Spencer Reid (Matthew Gubler) & Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore).

Ah well i must say this was quite an enjoyable experience and that it was hard NOT to stop and drool all over my keyboard!! So i am hoping that you guys enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed putting it together! I will be posting NORMAL pics tomorrow!! IF you would like to do this i certainly encorage it... IF you are a guy dont be afraid to post a GIRLFRIEND one! Take Care!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An array of madness...

So today was a very chill day... work went by rather slowly... and ended up finishing what i has been working on & got a new project! Also found out a little bit more about the tuition reimbursement that they offer... which i am pretty excited about... need to do some research on where i want to go and what exactly i need for my major but i am pretty stoked!So i took these photos... quite random and hidden yet standing out...
I love trains!! I know that most people actually HATE them because usually when you are trying to get somewhere they are in your way... but even then i still love them. I feel like a little kid sometimes watching the train & counting the cars but i can never remember what the number means when i get done counting but i find it fun! lol... & one day i will catch one & take a rockin photo! So, what are the little things that you guys find fun? Do you love trains like i do?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So i decided to do a Tree segment... I love nature and trees are a tiny yet awesome part of it!

Let me know how you feel about trees... I love them and feel like they are strategically placed so that i can capture photos like these! lol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So i decided just to take a few of the random photos i have taken these past few times i have bene out and show them to you... Sorry i have been all out of sorts this week and its only TUESDAY! lol. So hopefully i will get out of my funk and get back in sorts and have some ideas on what to take a photo of next! Thanks for sticking with me!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Messy Monday...

Today i was feeling rather lazy so i have decided that since i didnt do last weeks Fix-it Friday i would do Messy Monday... Below i have one of my friends engagement photo... Let me know what you think!
So there was a little bit of tweeking... I rather enjoy the finished project. :)