Sunday, March 28, 2010

My first wedding...

Ok so its not the first one i have ever BEEN too but it is the first one i have attempted photography at... My friend was gracious enough to let me photograph her wedding (as long as i didnt get in the hired photographers way). She didnt say that but it is what i imagined she would say if she didnt know me... lol. So here are some of my favorite shots! Hopefully you like them as much as i do! lol
So, Below i have my invitation to their wedding & a photo of the party favors ( a little dress & tux with delicious meltaway mints!)

The ceremony itself was gorgeous! Below i have a photo of the groom's daughter and the daughter of the maid of honor! And then my beloved Tara & her father!
I think this one below is my personal favorite because i like how you can see the groom looking at her! AWE!!! I just love weddings! lol
Below standing Groom with his bestman, seated is the groom's father and girlfriend.
I love the purple butterflies & i think the cake topper is just whimsical!
I thought this was adorable! The little guy was the life of the party!!
Here they are leaving... getting ready to get into their vehicle... which i did not get a picture of =(

Ok so here it is.... PLEASE be honest with me... i would like to know what you really think because it will only help me! I may not like you for a few seconds but you will make me a better photographer! Thanks a bunch for the continued support!


Blue Wave 707 said...

Great shots for your first wedding! :-)

The groom's dad shot with his reaction is a winner!

Kimberly said...

Thank you SO much!!

Bossy Betty said...

The cake picture is outstanding!

Athina Loveland Photography said...

I love the one of the girls walking down the aisle - the contrast is nice, i love the monotone sepia like coloring - great shot! :)

Kimberly Franklin said...

I agree with Anthia, the girls walking down the aisle was my favorite.

Very good job, though. I love them all. :)

Nat said...

The pics are all lovely and capture the highlights of the day.
I agree with other readers that the sepia coloured one of the two girls is my favourite....

Kimberly said...

Thanks guys!! That means a lot!!

Crystal Cook said...

Really great photos! I like all of them, but especially the last one, when they're backs are too us.

Kimberly said...

Thanks!!! I can't wait for this weekend because i actually have my first paying gig!

snoweflake farm said...

I agree...the girls walking down the aisle backs to camera...incredible lighting....really beautiful...i also like the one right before of the bride and groom...Weddings are very difficult (at least for me) Think you did an incredible job!!!

Kimberly said...

Thank you so much!!

They Call Me Lady said...

You did a great job with this wedding, I especially love the cake one, the colors are fantastic ! Chase your dream, you can make it happen !

Tezzie said...

(wrote all this out already, but it somehow got lost...hope it's not just waiting for blogger approval; in that case, just delete this second comment!!!)

First did a great job, especially since it was your 'first' wedding!

I thought I would try to give some constructive critisism, even though you might not like me for a while ;D

the invitation - try to get both names in focus...perhaps turn the invitation to the side and shoot at a sharper angle so the focus is at the beginning of both names.

party favours - again the focus feels wrong...since it's about the favours, the focus needs to be on them. Also, it needs better lighting.

flower girls - great the sepia and the white haze frame. the pew corner is a little disturbing, though.

father of the bride - great job capturing the gorgeous bride...but poor dad's eyes need to be open, too!

first glimpse - personally, I'd crop out the dad since the pic is all about the groom seeing his bride. This would also bring his face into the magical "rule of thirds" zone!

the boys's side - good composition, but not the most flattering shot of the dad and girlfriend...either crop them out, or use another pic ;D

cake - love the butterflies! To get a better shot, you need to get creative with the angles...get down on one knee (or even lower!) and shoot the cake UP instead. Also, that other stuff in the background is distracting and takes away from the classiness of the shot.

life of the party - cutey! would love to see his face, though...and that guy picking his teeth, or whatever is pretty distracting ;D

parting shot - FOCUS!, crop out the man in black...and decide if you want a tilt or not...either straighten it or tilt it more, since it seems just accidentally crooked. there it is ;D Hope you don't hate me for too long...because you really did do a great job! Hope my comments help you for when you shoot your second wedding!

Kimberly said...

Thanks Tezzie i really do appreciate all you said... & you can be assured that i do not hate you! lol. :) & will definitely keep those things in mind for next time!!

Biggs Photography said...

Alright, I'm a bit behind but here are a few comments.

#1 - The photo is flat angled and the focus is on the man's name and the lighting is... poor. Remember, good photography is all about the light! Also, when in doubt, focus on the bride for anything to do with weddings.

2. - What is the purpose of the photo? The focus is on the butterfly, which is nice, but the crop then kills the butterfly. Also, the lighting is still too low.

3. - I like this shot but am not a fan of the white vignette. Black would have been much better.

4. - Not too bad, but is still a bit underexposed.

5. - Probably the best shot of the set, but the bright upper left corner needs to be addressed. (Actually, I'd just crop the image just to the right of the priest.) Also... don't use the clarity slider lol.

6. - Good, well exposed image. Well done.

7. - Holy CLARITY! Yeah, not a bad image. But the angle is pretty bland and the CLARITY is really distracting.

8. - Needs some bounced fill flash.

9. - Don't like the motion blur.

I know that was a bit harsh, I/m sorry, but I hope some of that was helpful!