Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maggie Stiefvater....

Today i took the day off because my hours are from 10-6:45 normally and a book signing popped up today but i started out the day in SUPER CRAZY cleaning mode.... Cleaned my bathroom, bedroom, hung some pictures, loads of laundry, took out the trash, & emptied the dishwasher! Then i also watched Taking Lives (angelina jolie) pretty wicked movie but my post today is about.....
Again another book signing oppurtunity! Thanks Jen! So Maggie Stiefvater author of Shiver & Linger & to be published Forever (color yet to be determined, can't wait!!). Anyways so she was in town & happened to stop by Blue Willow Bookshop!! It was a great turnout and she was so personable & quite animated!!

As i stated she was VERY animated which i am a fan of because i tend to get animated from time to time.... It was easy to capture some great shots!

She read a little snippet from Cole's first chapter in Linger

Here, she was talking about the way the students looked when she went to a british school (forgive me if i was wrong about the type of school, lol) But i got it! Adorable!!

Then here we are while she was signing our books! LOVE it!!
& i love her! Amazing writer & person!! If you haven't checked the books out you totally should if you like love, mystery, & paranormal!
Happy Wednesday!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

AllStar's Specially Challenged Tournament...

I had a chance this weekend "thanks to my cousin" to take photos at a special needs martial arts tournament & i must say that it is one of a few rewarding things that i have done in my entire life. The contestants and their families have some of the most genuine pure hearts & fantastic enthusiasm i have EVER seen towards life.
Above is a volunteer w/ one of the contestants... love it! Below, i had a chance to capture this wonderful move! Although it is a little out of focus he was pretty awesome!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one because he is SO freaking adorable it almost KILLS you haha. He is praying to the gods to let him win or at least give him a great score!
Could you tell that she was ecstatic?!
And here is her actual expression!!! Love it!
This weekend was fantastic! Also had a chance to shoot photos for my co-worker & her family!! Great growing experience!!
Happy Sunday!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazies anyone?!

So this week i have NO idea, maybe its because the full moon is coming, or people just want to be crazy but i am kind of tired of peoples nasty attitudes as well as the CRAZY convo's i have @ work. Today, i rec'd a call from an Insd and he was talking about crazy things, such as, bank fraud, vehicular homicide (which he called his accident but no fatalities involved), canadian border patrol, & a few other things but i honestly couldnt remember after the 3 min venting session i was so CONFUSED not quite sure what to do.
Above is another photo from Kemah but INSIDE Joes Crabshack! Below saw this tree which was basically stripped wet lines on the trunk & branches... almost as if the water was draining from the top of the tree!
I just thought the tree was a gorgeous twisting piece of nature!
Here is what happens when you walk outside & the camera lense FOGS! i thought it was neat effect....
Well after a rather exhausting day ended it with chilling on the couch watching Big Brother as well as my adorable nieces new video my sister posted! Hope you are all having a better week & aren't having to deal with the torrential downpour!!
Happy Thursday!!
Friday tomorrow, YAY!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kemah Boardwalk...

So as you know we went to Kemah this weekend & it was a blast below is the Boardwalk BEAST and it was definitely a beast! We went SUPER fast & got REALLLY wet!!!

Showing that there is more to the boardwalk than rides & good eats! There are games!! We didnt play any but there were several that you could take advantage of!!

A view... call me crazy but its a few looking up at a bird perched on the Joes Crabshack sign... I love the colors...

I can't remember what restaurant was right there to the right of the photo but LOVED this shot & decided to spice it up with colors & such. :)

So today was a rather boring day but it as definitely good... I finished
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater which is an amazing tale of love between a "were"wolf & the girl he saved... Excited to get the sequel Linger tomorrow afternoon!!
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

An evening with Jen

So my sister has become my model! YAY! i have been waiting for someone to step up and be like shoot me! lol. Mainly so i could have some practice because i get REALLY nervous which is something i am going to have to get over and i am also going to have to speak up clearly & find a simple way of saying it so the client will understand... my sister understands me but thats because we have known each other pretty much ALL our lives haha.

Anyways here are a few snippets of what i took to practice my senior picturesque. I think i was pretty successful... i will post more @ Kimberly Nicole Photography if you want to check it out!

We saw this red chair & just HAD to get a photo with it!
Above is totally my favorite... I know i have a lot to work on & remember while photographing. Such as, lighting, keeping certain details out, poses, & plenty more! lol Thanks Jen for being so creative/patient, i appreciate it really!
Happy Monday!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a day?!

Went to Kemah Boardwalk today & had a rather exciting time! Here my family is taking advantage of a photo opportunity after going on the Boardwalk Bullet!
And when i took photos yesterday after work saw some great flowers @ my sisters place!

And my new cowboy hat!! I was so excited to find this one & then the chair sitting on the porch waiting for the store attendants to get my sister a box for her purchase! I must say that i really LOVE it! lol. Pretty much my favorite photo of the day!
Soon i will be posting photos of the photoshoot with my sister! We had a blast & i have SEVERAL to choose from but will only be able to choose a few! And will also post more of my day with the fam @ Kemah... Great times with great people! & i am going to see Inception tonight with my cousin! I have been told great things but not holding out too much hope!
Happy Satisfying Saturday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am not sure what is going on but i am still trying to figure out PSE (photoshop elements). I had been thinking that i hadn't been getting enough from lightroom & i was correct. So per friend Kristin Rae's advice i tried out PSE & must say that i am LOVING IT! lol. So anyways i am still learning & can't figure out quite yet how to get the phtos from there to my computer so i can post them here & i have tried copy & pasting the URL but it isn't working so today 1 photo... which was taken WAY back at the beginning but i still love it! lol

And i love the reflecting of the bridge in the water mostly but i need to get ready for work! So hope you all are having a FANTASTIC friday! I am taking photos this weekend with my sis Jen so be sure to check them out when i get to them!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A day in the life....

So went for another little walk as yesterday i had noticed turtles chilling out near this makeshift pond & of course wanted to capture it! But came up empty this round as i think the time i get out there is probably the HOTTEST part of the day & they want to be in the cool blue water as would i! But i think i would look rather strange swimming around in that pool lol.

I like the tree above because the colors remind me of fall up north... *tear* but DEFINITELY didnt feel like it today.. UGH!

I was only able to capture this BEAUTIFUL creature as the others were so mobile i could barely catch up. There were several different colored dragonflies... i must say they are rather mystical creatures! Which also reminds me of a story of a lovely looking butterfly... i was laying on a float in the pool & my feet were on the side of the pool so i wouldnt float around and a butterfly landed on my toe sideways & then turned slowly as if to try and contact me in some way. He kept coming back SEVERAL times and then i had my cousin take a photo (below) with my iphone and then he never came back. lol I dont know who it was (i swear it had to be someone who came back but unsure who, lol) A rather interesting story.

Above i really liked this photo which i had accidently taken of the tree but it fits... lol. Hope you all enjoyed my post!! & Keep coming back because HOPEFULLY i will have some photos of turtles soon!!!
Happy Terrific Tuesday!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 4th!

So here are my photos from the lovely shindig @ my Aunts for the 4th of July! I had a lovely time with the fam & as you might or might not know i LOVE to swim! I pretty much do it every weekend & i love getting my tan on! lol
Below is my cousin Nick chillin in the deep end (9ft, oh yea!) I forgot how much i love a DEEP pool too!
Here is my other cousin Matt playing with a water pump thingy! Its quite fun!!
I think my Aunt got tired of wearing her hat & being all festive! & set it down on the plant... i rather like this photo!
Anyways today was a rather uneventful day which compared to last week i am ALL but thankful for! Sorry its rather boring post today but not a whole lot happened and i am rather tired & getting ready for the BACHELORETTE tonight! WOOT WOOT! lol Hope you all had a great day!
Happy Monday!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long Overdue....

So i have felt REALLY bad for not being around lately & want to apologize to each and everyone of you because it isn't fair to you! So i will tell you about my week last week which was definitely eventful...
Started the week working overtime on Monday for a few hours which wasn't bad at all it went rather smoothly & we got food! lol. Then came home & took a dip in the pool as it was EVER so lovely of a day!
Then Tuesday came a long & started the day off normal but during lunch i went to sit out in my car, misjudged the curb & totally biffed it landing on my knees and scrapping the crap out of them as well as my right foot. Below you can see a somewhat blury verson of that as seeing the real thing is somewhat gross! lol & this was just taken today... so its not NEAR as bas as it was!

Then thursday i woke up with a MASSIVE headache... i took some ibuprofen & sinus meds went to work and lasted about 45 min before i realized it wasn't going anywhere and went home & locked myself in my dark room & slept for 5 hours. Ah, got to love migranes, right? lol... It wiped me out SO much that i ended up taking friday off too...

So that was my FUN-filled week! Hope you all had a FANTASTIC fourth of July & that your week was 10 times better than mine was! & i am really sorry for not being around! I am even going to post a few from the 4th! So look out! lol
Happy Sunny Sunday!!!