Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a day?!

Went to Kemah Boardwalk today & had a rather exciting time! Here my family is taking advantage of a photo opportunity after going on the Boardwalk Bullet!
And when i took photos yesterday after work saw some great flowers @ my sisters place!

And my new cowboy hat!! I was so excited to find this one & then the chair sitting on the porch waiting for the store attendants to get my sister a box for her purchase! I must say that i really LOVE it! lol. Pretty much my favorite photo of the day!
Soon i will be posting photos of the photoshoot with my sister! We had a blast & i have SEVERAL to choose from but will only be able to choose a few! And will also post more of my day with the fam @ Kemah... Great times with great people! & i am going to see Inception tonight with my cousin! I have been told great things but not holding out too much hope!
Happy Satisfying Saturday!


Jen said...

Awesome pictures Kimmy!!! I look ridiculous... yikes, most certainly not the best picture of me!!

Love the hat and blue chair (to bad your beautiful Mazda is in the shot too!)

Kristin Rae said...

Great pics! Hilarious family shot! I haven't been to Kemah in a couple of years... I think it's about time!!

Nat said...

Great selection of photos! Wonder if that cowboy hat figures in the photo shoot ;-)

Kimberly said...

haha i doubt my sister wouldve actually put it on but good idea Nat!