Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maggie Stiefvater....

Today i took the day off because my hours are from 10-6:45 normally and a book signing popped up today but i started out the day in SUPER CRAZY cleaning mode.... Cleaned my bathroom, bedroom, hung some pictures, loads of laundry, took out the trash, & emptied the dishwasher! Then i also watched Taking Lives (angelina jolie) pretty wicked movie but my post today is about.....
Again another book signing oppurtunity! Thanks Jen! So Maggie Stiefvater author of Shiver & Linger & to be published Forever (color yet to be determined, can't wait!!). Anyways so she was in town & happened to stop by Blue Willow Bookshop!! It was a great turnout and she was so personable & quite animated!!

As i stated she was VERY animated which i am a fan of because i tend to get animated from time to time.... It was easy to capture some great shots!

She read a little snippet from Cole's first chapter in Linger

Here, she was talking about the way the students looked when she went to a british school (forgive me if i was wrong about the type of school, lol) But i got it! Adorable!!

Then here we are while she was signing our books! LOVE it!!
& i love her! Amazing writer & person!! If you haven't checked the books out you totally should if you like love, mystery, & paranormal!
Happy Wednesday!!!


Kristin Rae said...

Oh yeah she was SUPER!!! I want to go out and get her faerie books now too.

She told us about the British school too! Hilarious! She was looking right at your camera too wasn't she?!

Kimberly Franklin said...

I so wish I would have gotten to see her, but I think I missed it up here. :(

Happy Friday!