Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A day in the life....

So went for another little walk as yesterday i had noticed turtles chilling out near this makeshift pond & of course wanted to capture it! But came up empty this round as i think the time i get out there is probably the HOTTEST part of the day & they want to be in the cool blue water as would i! But i think i would look rather strange swimming around in that pool lol.

I like the tree above because the colors remind me of fall up north... *tear* but DEFINITELY didnt feel like it today.. UGH!

I was only able to capture this BEAUTIFUL creature as the others were so mobile i could barely catch up. There were several different colored dragonflies... i must say they are rather mystical creatures! Which also reminds me of a story of a lovely looking butterfly... i was laying on a float in the pool & my feet were on the side of the pool so i wouldnt float around and a butterfly landed on my toe sideways & then turned slowly as if to try and contact me in some way. He kept coming back SEVERAL times and then i had my cousin take a photo (below) with my iphone and then he never came back. lol I dont know who it was (i swear it had to be someone who came back but unsure who, lol) A rather interesting story.

Above i really liked this photo which i had accidently taken of the tree but it fits... lol. Hope you all enjoyed my post!! & Keep coming back because HOPEFULLY i will have some photos of turtles soon!!!
Happy Terrific Tuesday!!


Kristin Rae said...

Nice pics :) Love the dragon fly especially! And what a teeny little butterfly!

The Retired One said...

Turtles are tricky...very hard to capture..as soon as they feel the vibration of you coming or see you, they jump in the water!