Thursday, April 15, 2010

One step closer...

So this morning... well lets start out with last evening... i had to restore my phone because it has been a pain in the butt and for some reason wont recognize my touch... it is very frustrating. Anyways i had to reset my alarm & well... ended up setting it for 5:45 PM... not realizing it and now i have to be to work by 8... and i ended up waking up at 7:20... in a frantic mess i dressed, kenneled the pups & flew through the door..... but totally made it with 10 minutes to spare!

Now i am chilling in front of the tube eating pizza & watching the movie below & must say that it has been a rather enjoyable movie so far!

Must say that i would totally LOVE to visit Greece... GORGEOUS!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Bossy Betty said...

Sounds like a great evening!

Crystal Cook said...

I really liked the first movie, tell us if it's any good k? :)

Blue Wave 707 said...

An adventurous start of the day! :-)

Every so often touch phones need to be re-calibrated (check settings function).

faye said...

I would have been in panic mode
with just one alarm set... have to have back-up...always.

Picked up that movie Valentine's day
and have yet to watch it......
how was it ???