Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lions, Tigers, Bears, OH MY!

So saturday was a the day for a trip to the zoo! We tend to go earlier.... mainly because its cooler but it also helps because the animals tend to be out at that time as well! One of the bears... doesn't he look so sweet! I LOVE this photo as it shows the various colors (i honestly can't remember what it is but to me i would say chameleon, lol)
Ah lions... How fierce yet beauty you posess... i love it when the get right next to the glass it gets for great photography & just awesomeness in general!
Ah the most comical EVERY single time we come to the zoo... it never fails they provide the entertainment... So worn out from whatever they were doing (or maybe its just the heat). Adorable creatures they are... some were digging & hidden in holes, others were sprawled/stretched as far as they could possibly go & others were so warn out from digging that they were just hunched over sleeping (resting) lol
And NOW to my absolute favorite photo from this trip... The turtles private island...
Let me tell you that there were several different opportunities when it came to the turtles here or the ones that just had their heads above water but i must say i was rather surprised to see tree like plants growing out this log & a mommy(or daddy) and baby turtle just chillaxin on their own private island... lol. Anyways... i am off to bed now!
Happy Fathers Sun-day!!!!!!!!
Hope you all gave thanks to your Dad's out there!


Paz said...

Oh my

Blue Wave 707 said...

Nice zoo shots!

Jen said...

With all the other photographers there you were still the one to capture the best photos! I think the Lion new the awesomeness you posessed!

I loved my little hawaiian island turtles! I love the zoo!!

The Retired One said...

These are all fantastic! Loved them.

Biggs Photography said...

Better ways to photograph flowers:

1. Invest in a macro lens is the obvious answer but requires buying a macro.

2. Use your fastest glass and OPEN UP! Concentrate on getting the ideal focus and letting the background blur out into excellent bokeh.

3. Be even awesome-er.

Kimberly said...

i should have been a bit more specific... how to become better & photographing flowers w/o buying all the fancy gadgets.... even though i want to SOOOOOO bad! Its just not in the cards for me! lol