Sunday, June 13, 2010

Confidence + Talent = Dreams

As far as i am concerned this word below "can't" shouldnt even be a word because of its meaning. I was watching a rather interesting movie today Lower Learning which was about an elementary school was going to be shut down & the principal was bailing but the VP decided he wanted to save it... anyways the point was basically that nothing is impossible if you have the desire & determination to try. As hilarious & sometimes disturbing as it was... it really spoke to me because i was having trouble with getting myself back in the swing of things with photography. I decided that i have to push myself whether its going around my house & shooting things or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. I need to get myself out there and learn about it and my surroundings! Really take the cahones (may not be spelling this right) and hold on tight because in order to acheive my dreams i have to STEP out of my comfort zone & get a little crazy from time to time... lol
So sorry for my little ramble up above... but its not only for me... i am sure that there are several of you out there that are just starting out in photography, writing, art, or whatever creative field you have decided to venture out it. It isn't always going to be easy just like life but you take life by the horns & you hold on tight because you LOVE to do these things & couldnt imagine your life or you without them.... Photography has become more of a way for me to express myself then i have EVER been used to. I was always known as the quiet one in my family as i took a backseat because there were 3 other ladies (mom & 2 sisters) which no offense but couldnt keep their mouths shut long enough for me to actually say something, lol.
I have always been a fan of the b/w, antique/old looking photos... there is something about them that speaks to me as you know it was really apart of someones life it has some years on it... you know? I will let you fly alway on this note... Never stop believing in yourself & your talent because YOU have IT... whatever IT may be... Continue to work at doing what you love!
Happy Sunday Funday!!


Crystal Cook said...

Love this post Kim! And you are exactly right :) Your photos are beautiful, you have a LOT of talent.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Happy Monday-not-Funday!! I love your pictures. You do have a talent!

The Retired One said...

I feel the same! I love to go out and take whatever photography I can is a passion of mine. I just got a new DSLR and am learning all over, the lens are expensive, but I am determined to master it! ha